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If you'd like to join the game, please apply here.

Phase Four will be starting this Friday, April 29th, and we'd love to have you all!

This community is members only, so you will not be able to see new challenges unless you accept your invitation.
[Outlander] say could that lass be I

Affiliate Post

Please comment here if you would like to affiliate with lost_land. List will be updated as often as necessary, and communities do not have to be related to LOST or land comms in general, as long as they relate back to fandom.


hearts_andminds - A pan-fandom role play.
lotrland - A Tolkien-themed land community.
island_rumble - Lost icon rumble & graphics challenges.
landofart - A land community for graphic makers.
fandomverse - A land community encompassing ALL avenues of fandom.
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Members Clean-Up

 If you didn't fill out the poll to say that you are returning for Phase 3/Aren't on the member list in your team comm, I removed you from this and the other Lost Land communities. If you forgot to fill out the poll, you are more than welcome to reapply and you can rejoin. Otherwise, any time in the future if any of you would like to return, you are always welcome back!

If you are just watching this comm and haven't joined, come on and join us! Just apply at the application post (you can find the link in the sidebar) and you will be assigned to a team and can join in on the fun! All challenges and entries are members-locked, so just watching isn't going to do anything ;)
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[Outlander] say could that lass be I

Reminder and a mod note

A reminder that bingo is tonight! Even if you can't attend, filling out a bingo card gets your team POINTS! So, take five minutes to pick some names.

And now for the note:

Our goal is to make this a safe environment for all of our players, and that includes locking down the community if we feel the need to. Everything that's happened in the past (so, phase 1) will remain open so that prospective players will have a chance to see what a typical run of the game is like. But in light of some people who are not on teams or a member of the community making derogatory comments or trying to enter challenges, from now on phase two and all phases going forward will be members only. You MUST be a member of the community to see new challenges and results. This post will remain public.

We never want anyone here to feel uncomfortable, and this is one way to make sure the team spirit stays strong and positive.

Thanks for making this place great, and for giving us an awesome kick start to phase 2 :D
[Outlander] say could that lass be I

challenge 6 - screencap hunt

Screen cap Hunt

Challenge: Below is a list of 10 items you must find in a screen cap. Do not share your answers with anyone. Submit your screen caps - they do not have to be colored or shopped but please crop them down to at least 500x300 so they aren't huge.

As an example, if the cap was two people kissing, you could submit this.

Someone fishing
Someone screaming
Someone eating
A child crying
Someone wearing glasses
A cap of two people hugging
A cap of someone tied up
A cap with exactly 7 people in it
A cap of one person on the beach
A cap of an animal (NOT Vincent)

Points Info: 1 point per cap, 10 points total.

Due Date: November 7 @ 11:59 pm EST (time left)

Comments are screened for this challenge.
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Challenge 05- Round Robin Fics

Round Robin Fics

Challenge: I will make a new post in each of your team communities shortly, where you will write your fics. I'll start you off with a prompt from a random word generator. You can interpret the prompt however you like, but your fic must be Lost-related. You will take turns as a team writing a sentence for the fic. You may not make 2 comments in a row. You can get as silly as you want. This is a team challenge, so in the end, the team with the most comments will win. The challenge will run only until Monday night CST (check out the countdown to see how much time is left).

I will be reading through all the comments to make sure each one is a sentence, each one is contributing to the fic, and no person ever posts 2 comments in a row.

Points Info: 250 points to the first place team, 150 points to the second place team, and 100 points to the third place team.

Due Date: NOVEMBER 1st @ 11:59 PM CST (time left)
[Outlander] say could that lass be I

Challenge 4 - picspam that pairing!

Picspam That Pairing

Challenge: Make a picspam of your favorite pairing. It doesn't have to be canon, but the characters have to have been in scenes together. Picspam cannot exceed 600x600 and it MUST include at least four pictures. You cannot just comment with 4 separate pictures that you've cropped and drop them in the comments. They must be colored, in a format, or somehow otherwise 'put together'.

Here are some examples.

Points Info: 15 points for your one picspam.

Due Date: November 8 @ 11:59 pm EST (time left)

Comments are NOT screened.

Please ask your questions under the 'questions' thread.

I encourage you to reach out to your team if you need any assistance! This is exactly what your teammates are here for - to help and encourage.
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Challenge 03 A- team slogans

Team Slogans

Challenge: Create slogans for your team! Must have your team name in the slogan. You can create up to two for points.

There will be voting, so no sharing your entries until after voting is over!

Points Info: 5 points for each slogan, 3 points for voting (which will come later), 40 points to first place, 35 points to second place, 30 points to third place, 25 points to fourth place, 20 points to fifth place, 15 points to most creative, and 10 points to the funniest.

Due Date: NOVEMBER 2nd @ 11:59 PM CST (time left)